Babies ... what is lovelier, smells sweeter, or can consume you more?


When our baby was born, we looked at each other and knew that here was our new TV!!! Yep, we could just stare at her for hours, and every noise, squeak, murmur, wriggle was responded to. There's nothing that changes your life more than having a baby.

We have sourced a collection of useful, practical and clever items, which have all been added to our webstore with one thing in mind - that they are NECESSARY. Doing the pregnancy babies and children's expo's around the country for the last few years, we've noticed one thing - that there is a huge amount of stuff out there that parents DO NOT NEED!!!!

So, here's a collection of stuff that you do need, and you'll use over and over again, and hopefully pass on! We don't want to contribute to a throw away society, so we're sourcing those products that are hard wearing and seriously practical.

Enjoy what you find here, and check back often - we are mums and we know what you need (and don't need!)