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Question: How long does it take to receive my order?  It will generally be dispatched within 2 days, but often same day dispatch is possible if your order is in before 2pm.  Please see the Terms & Conditions page

Question: What is so good about a balloon ball?  So many things, it's tricky to list them all!  BUT what we love is they're the perfect travelling toy, and once blown up tight, behave exactly as a ball does - our balloon balls are made to bounce!  The trick is, to blow them up as tight as you can, and just when you think you can't get any more puff into the balloon, give it one more blow.  The tighter your balloon ball is, the better it will bounce!

We use a helium-quality balloon, as they last a whole lot longer than other balloons we've found.  However, you can use any balloon you choose.

Please dispose of the balloon carefully and environmentally thoughtfully.

Question: Can I choose my own colours to make a felt ball rug? Can I have a bigger size? A rectangle instead of a circle? Yes!  If you have a colour preference which we don't currently make, please let us know via as we can custom make any colour combination that your heart desires.

Question: What is felt and how is it made?  Felt is a non-woven textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. Felt can be made of natural fibres such as wool or synthetic fibres such as acrylic. Felt is formed by applying heat, moisture, and pressure on wool

Handmade, eco friendly, fair trade: All our felt products are made using 100% NZ wool, and are handcrafted in Nepal, using traditional methods, ethically and under fair trade guidelines. You can buy Rainbows and Clover wholesale felt products, knowing you're supporting a great group of artisans. We're working with a wonderful group of people in Nepal who are so happy to be working with us! It's a wonderful feel-good project, and we have so many more projects in the pipeline ... what are they getting from the experience? In their own words, they're getting the chance to develop new products using old skills, and enabling workers to stay in their villages, and work with their families. What are we getting from it? The chance to design and develop a remarkable array of products that have been designed and made with love, naturally, using natural dyes, and it's a feel-good project. We're loving it!

Rainbows and Clover is proud to be supporting a time-honoured tradition, and helping village people in Nepal to stay in their villages doing the handiwork that they love.

Custom order rugs:
 If you would like to choose your own colours for our felt ball rugs, please see the chart below, and get in touch to to discuss your needs.  Perhaps you'd like to add some custom made felt ball garlands to match?!

Colour chart for felt, and for ordering custom made products:

colour chart for personalised felt products

Question: If we break a teepee pole, can I get a replacement? Yes! Please email us at and we’ll send one out. We know that accidents happen!  All we ask is you pay the freight to get the pole to you. Sweet!

Question: Why do some of my teepee poles have a split?   Your teepee poles have been split on one end, so that they can be inserted to expand inside their joiner, for strength.  Timber has imperfections and while some of the splits may appear to you longer than you think necessary, the split does not compromise the strength of the pole.  It is unlikely that they would break, due to this split.  A teepee pole would break if it is jumped on or treated roughly.  Before finalising our design of these teepees, we explored all our pole options to ensure consistency and durability, and after a thorough investigation with a research panel and our existing database of teepee users, the aesthetics and warmth of timber was a huge draw card.  So please enjoy the beauty of the wood, the knots and the imperfections, they make your teepee unique, natural and ultra beautiful!

Question: I'd like to know more about your fair trade policies and ethical manufacturing - where can I find this info?  Please click this link to learn about our fair trade ethos.

Question: How do I care for my Rainbows and Clover & nic-nac nappywrap products?

  • Miniwrap : COLD wash. Line dry. Warm/Hot IRON.
  • Nappywrap : Spot wash with COLD soapy water or GENTLE machine cold wash.  Remove inner pocket (if still clean) • re-fasten nappywrap so the velcro doesn't catch on other items.  Open out bag to LINE DRY.  Denim can be IRONED using a warm temp, PLASTIC SIDE DOWN. DO NOT BLEACH, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
  • Carry-all : Spot wash with COLD soapy water or GENTLE MACHINE wash cold setting. HOT IRON will bring the bag back to life again.
  • Change mat : Spot wash with COLD soapy water or GENTLE MACHINE wash on cold setting. Denim can be IRONED using a warm temp, PLASTIC SIDE DOWN. DO NOT BLEACH, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
  • Balloon ball : COLD wash. Line dry. Warm/Hot IRON.
  • Teepees : COLD wash.  Line dry.  Warm/Hot IRON.
  • Canopy : COLD wash.  Line dry.  Cool/Warm IRON.
  • Felt products : Hand spot wash only.

Got more questions? Email us at