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From our organic balloon balls to felt play mats, caves to mermaids and dragons, our tactile, imaginary and creative play toys are perfect for children who love hours of natural play and creating magical worlds of wonder. Waldorf Steiner inspired, we're all about nature, encouraging environmental play, and simple fun!

Our Rainbows and Clover range for children is designed with a few important things at the forefront of our minds;

1. Our designs must spark imaginations

2. They must be beautiful to touch, feel and play with

3. They must be useful & practical

4. They must be excellent quality and stand the test of time

5. They must add value (whether that be joy, imagination, laughter etc) to a child's life

Our range for kids is constantly evolving and we love bringing our new designs to you.  From our teepees to our balloon balls, puppets to play mats, there are so many options for your children of many ages, girls or boys, to suit little tots to tweens and teens.

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