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Bullying outcomes can vary vastly depending on a parent's involvement

Bullying outcomes can vary vastly depending on a parent's involvement-Rainbows and Clover

Last week our friend’s daughter Harlem was bullied on the bus home from her primary school. After speaking with her friend the following day, they found out who the little bully-boy was & what he'd said, so Harlem’s folks went to see the Principal immediately. The Principal phoned the bully-boy’s father to let him know what was happening, and naturally, the father wasn't happy at all. Just a couple of days later, when Harlem was dropped off at school, the little bully-boy apologised for what he'd done & gave Harlem a bag (pictured) with a couple of goodies & a card he'd made to say sorry. Harlem’s mumma cried when she saw it, and said her heart felt like it was going to explode. “This right here is parenting done right!! It doesn't take much to be a good parent, or person for that matter. This has made our day!”

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ideas for how to be a FUN parent

What are your stand out memories of your Mum? Was she fun or was that your friend’s mum?

Was fun the domain of your Dad, or your Grandparent? Maybe the fun was for kids only and the grown ups just didn’t do it? 
My Mum used to sing funny songs, with made up, ad-hoc lyrics that always rhymed. We loved them because they were always about us. We loved them because, inevitably, one of the words to rhyme with ‘you’ was always going to be ‘poo’. That was terrifically hilarious when sung by a very proper lady. It’s not like my Mum was constantly fun, but the times she was are shining memories in my childhood. They are the glitter dusted on her personality.