Earth Day & our ecological footprint on the earth

Posted on April 22, 2016 by Kylie Rainbows and Clover

It's Earth Day today, and a great time for us all to think about our eco footprint on the earth ... whether it be remembering to turn light switches and power points off, drive less, walk more, go to the Farmer's Market for fresh produce instead of supermarket shopping, keep chooks in the backyard, grow vegies and herbs, whatever it is, there's always something more that we can all do.

On a personal note, in our family we like to swap. We swap our herb garden goodies for eggs, and our chilli's for home-made sauerkraut, it's a win-win for everyone! We ride bikes, we have solar, we recycle, compost, and frequent our local farmers market. And just when I think we're doing so well, I realise we're actually not. Not really.  Not when there's so much more we could all be doing.  This quiz we have taken has highlighted this, and I urge you to take it to. It's quite amazing really!

Here at Rainbows and Clover HQ we take sustainability and our ecological footprint very seriously; monitoring & revising our packaging regularly, looking at our warehousing, product manufacturing, the way in which we freight - not just our products to you, but how we get our products to us from our manufacturers, and so much more, very, very carefully.

We have monthly staff meetings to look at ways to improve our recycling procedures, and to ensure we're doing as much as we can, with the aim to strive constantly for a more eco workplace environment.

felt ball garland packaging reusable and eco

Most recently, our efforts have seen us eliminating plastic wherever we can, & we've done a stellar job (if we say so ourselves!) with many of our designs now arriving to you in gorgeous re-usable fabric bags. The "packaging" (aka styish & beautiful 100% sustainable cotton drawstring bag) can then be used for ballet shoes, swimmers, toys, make-up, toiletries, the list goes on ... we're loving them and we know you will too! 

Many of our felt ball garlands are sent out in BPA-free plastic jars, with the idea that plastic is safer than glass for little people, and that they can be re-used for many years, for hair ties, clips, sewing bits, marbles, little toys, etc etc.

Have you ever wondered about your ecological footprint on the earth? Both personally and at work? This is a fantastic quiz you can take, it's fun for you and the family, and it's a bit of an eye opener, I can tell you!

Click here to take the quiz ...

 eco packaging reusable plastic-bag-free Here's a pic of our beautiful packaging in two sizes ... and as our ideas are always evolving, as we strive to find more ways to be more environmentally awesome, it's a "watch this space" type of thing, and if you have suggestions or ideas, please email us, we're always happy for your feedback!

Kylie xxx

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