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Create a magical unicorn room 🦄

I've always loved unicorns, they're a symbol of magic and sparkles and endless possibilities. That's why I love creating unicorn products!

There are four adorable options (but I'd choose to have them all!) that can help make your bedroom, nursery or playroom, the most adorable space possible.

Here are 5 reasons why you should include unicorns in your room decor:

1. Unicorns are magical. They represent every happy dream we ever had. Place a felt unicorn play mat beside the bed, and a felt unicorn wall head on the wall, and encourage happy dreams.

unicorn felt wall head play mat rug bedroom decor nursery decorating playroom

2. Unicorns are awesome. They're horses, but so much more than a regular horse. Pop some unicorn puppets beside the bed, on the window sill, they're gorgeous decorations and fun to play with and give your space a feeling of magic.

unicorn styling bedroom decor playroom decorations nursery garland mat and rug

3. Unicorns are your innocence. They are symbols of goodness and purity.
Unicorns are aspirational. They remind you of your childhood and all the best moments in your memory. By putting unicorns around your child's bedroom, playroom or nursery, you're making it special for YOU too!

4. Unicorns are synonymous with rainbows.  They are well known for bringing rainbows wherever they go. EVERYBODY loves rainbows!  By filling your child's bedroom with rainbows (pastel rainbow colours OR primary rainbow colours) you're elevating their mood and so much more. Unicorns are magical, fun, colorful and make the best make-believe besties for your little (and big!) ones.

Rainbows and Clover rainbow unicorn sitting

5. Unicorns are colourful. Unicorns can be anything your heart desires! Rainbow, purple, pink, whatever you like! With the recent trend of monochrome populating bedrooms and nurseries all over the globe (ok, so maybe globe is an exaggeration!) it's nice to see pops of colour back in the kids rooms. Our unicorn garland introduces two shades of sunshine yellow, soft pink and cream. Delightful strung up along a wall, draped around your teepee or canopy, mantle or curtain rail.

unicorn mellow pink and sunshine yellow garland bunting felt nursery bedroom playroom decorations

There are loads of other reasons that unicorns are awesome ... and these next two are just for fun - they've got nothing to do with creating a unicorn room!

1. Unicorns fart glitter and poop rainbows. Have you seen the best ad ever made? Squatty Potty used a magical rainbow unicorn to help them sell literally millions of their stool (pun intended!) 🤣 to happy/relieved customers.

2. P R A N C E R C I S I N G !!! Yep, it's a thing, and you too can exercise like a unicorn. I KNOW your kids will love doing this with you!!!!!!  Click here to see JP Sears version of prancercising.

Enjoy adding gorgeous unicorn lovelies to your decor, and share pics with us on our facebook or tag us in your insta posts!  #unicornlove

unicorn treasures for gifts styling birthday presents bedroom playroom toys nursery decor

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