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Present Box: Why you need one and ideas to get you started

You know what it’s like. You’ve been busy all week, not a moment to spare and then finally when you take a moment for yourself and the flood of to-dos come racing through your head you realise your child has to attend a birthday party in the morning – and the shops are already closed. Or maybe you do make it to the shops but end up spending more than you wanted simply for the convenience of getting the present sorted.

This is where the present box is your sanity saver. No last minute panic. No rush or budget-busting purchases. Just an quick pick from quality presents you bought in advance – easy!

present box ideas to get you started

So how do you get started? Here are six gift ideas to pack your present box with.

Books and Puzzles

Books and puzzles are great presents for different ages and genders making them a great addition to a present box and are a safe choice when you aren’t sure what to get someone. Look for book sets, bestsellers and seek and find books on special. Also, go for a range of puzzles from larger floor puzzles to small intricate or 3D jigsaws to suit different age groups.  (We love the Beetle Bottoms series of books!)


Games are another crowd-pleaser. From the classic games of Monopoly, Trouble and Operation to new, quirky, strategic, brainteaser or educational board games, you should have at least one in your present box to pick out.  We especially love games that the whole family can play - jenga is a great one!

Art and Craft Supplies

Kids love to get busy with their hands, whether it is squishing sand, Play Doh or slime, to the hours of fun spent colouring, moulding clay, or painting. Adding a few art and craft supplies to your present box is sure bring smiles to little faces.  Try some of our feathers, stones or felt balls

Balloon Balls

Balloon balls make a fun gift for boys and girls across multiple age groups. What's exciting about these toys is the uniqueness of the gift. Balloon balls add a new layer of excitement to the age-old activity of playing ball, and unlike most balls, they take up very little room because all that is needed is a packet of balloons and a balloon cover. When the balloon deflates, you just put in another one!


If you want to give a gift that is different yet memorable, consider keeping some cotton or chalkboard bunting on hand. Perfect for decorating nurseries, bedrooms, tents, teepees, cubby houses, door frames and windows, or using as props in imaginary play, bunting is available in a range of colours, styles and even characters.


These are great for boys and girls, for sharing, for imaginative play, for all kinds of quiet and gentle fun, and so good for older kids to play with little kids.  Puppets are ideal for really little people and gorgeous room decor for teens, check out this selection, awesome ideas for dragon collectors, unicorn lovers, and all kinds of animals - from swans to flamingos and kangaroos with a joey in the pouch!

When looking for presents to stock remember to take into consideration the ages, interests and gender of the people you will likely need gifts for when packing your present box.  You'll always have something meaningful and special on hand with your present box collection.  I'd love to hear what essentials you always have in yours!

Kylie xx


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