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October is Fair Trade month ... Together we have the purchasing power to change the world!

Why support fair trade manufacturing?

Fair Trade, ethical manufacturing, and sustainable purchasing are three of the most important features of Rainbows and Clover. With Fair Trade, everyone is guaranteed fair pricing, quality wages, and lots of benefits to employees, producers, farmers, and their families. There are plenty of reasons to support fair trade manufacturing including:

Fair Trade supports the environment

In addition to ensuring that farmers and producers are fairly paid, fair trade is dedicated to supporting sustainable activities that reduce environmental footprint for the benefit of the environment.

High-quality goods

Also, since fair trade advocates for ethical manufacturing, customers are treated to goods of high quality. Thanks to fair trade, producers get to pay closer attention to details during the manufacturing process and this translates to better goods.

Ethical shopping

Besides ensuring that customers get high quality products, Fair Trade advocates for ethical shopping to help make a difference in the lives of manufacturers and producers of goods. This allows manufacturers and producers to be independent instead of working for middlemen. Ethical shopping also allows producers and manufacturers to build their own business so that profits can remain in their communities for the benefit of both their businesses and communities.

Purchasing power

Fair Trade has a direct impact on the purchasing power of customers. Since products are of high quality, customers get value for their money meaning that they’re not exploited. The partnership between the producers and customers is strengthened for the benefit of the community. With a strong community come an improved economy and a boost on the purchasing power of buyers.

There are plenty of reasons to support fair trade manufacturing; the main one being its dedication to supporting communities. It allows farmers, manufacturers, and producers to work together for the benefit of their communities as well as for the benefit of buyers.

By supporting ethical manufacturing, shops, local businesses and producers, we’re keeping the money where it should be.

Feel good about your purchasing decisions, together we have the power to change the world!

Read more about our ethical manufacturing and fair trade stance here.

Fair Trade Month October 2018 Rainbows and Clover

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