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5 Great Ways To Play With Magical World Play Kits

Encouraging our children in imaginative play does wonders for our kids, and can be a little bit of fun for us adults as well. So many childhood professionals agree how important imaginative play is for children. Our Magical World Play Kits are an excellent way for children to really extend their imagination in a fun and interesting way. Here are five great ways to play with these beautiful kits.

1. An entryway to fairy wonderland 

The thought of fairies visiting is exciting to so many children. Little girls will love bringing fairy dolls and other toys to knock on the door of the Fairy Magical World Play Kit to find out who’s home, and to ask fairies to come out to play. Plus the water marbles make a cool ‘pond’ for the fairies and dolls to take a swim.

2. Dragons take to the garden 

Try setting up your Dragon Magical Door Play Kit outdoors but out of the weather too, and bring some dragons to play. Small potted plants placed around the door will add more interest for your little dragon lovers. And their imagination might turn those water marbles into lava balls!

3. Entry to a back-to-front world 

Sometimes knocking on the door of a Magical Door Play Kit turns the world back-to-front, just for fun. This means your child and their toys have to do everything backwards! Kids have to walk backwards, toys might be turned upside down, big toys might do what the small usually do.

4. Make a reading nook a little more interesting 

The Make Believe Magical World Play Kit can be set up in a reading nook for boys or girls. Use it to encourage more reading and play around the stories you read - for example, what if the character from the book lived behind the door. Or bring in some small toys to act out your story including using the make believe door, mat, and water beads.

5. A secret place for special things 

Set up your Magical World Play Kit in a cube shelf or on a section of shelving to create a secret place for some of your child’s treasures. The felt welcome mat can be the meeting place for figurines, or bed to precious small toys and trinkets. The water marbles can be scattered around like diamonds, adding to the preciousness of this magical space.

This is just the beginning, options on ways to play with the Magical World Play Kits is just endless.

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