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How To Make A Fairy Garden in 3 Easy Steps 

Fairy gardens are so much fun for little girls to make and then play with for hours of fun and imaginative play. The magic that surrounds fairy play creates a happiness that warms our hearts. Not to mention that making this small pretty garden will get our girls off technology (yes, they’ll put down their iphones, smart phones, ipads and tablets), and get moving around, going outside and getting creative to invent a wonderful game. So here are three easy steps to help your little girl make her own special fairy garden.

1. Location, location, location 

Your fairy garden must abide by the normal rules of real estate, and be positioned in the perfection location in your back yard! Look for a spot that is lovely and shady, and will have some protection from heavy rain or strong winds. We need to keep our girls and the fairies safe and comfortable at all times. If you don’t have the perfect location in your garden, you can use a plant pot.

2. Design and do the groundwork 

Help your daughter create a design of the fairy garden on paper. Think about fairy pathways or stepping stones, pretty flowers, patios, a seating area, or even a small pond – all for the fairies. Take a walk around your yard to see what plants, pots, stones and other items you already have to use in her fairy garden. You may have some pretty little flowering plants that you can transplant or potted colour that can be relocated, otherwise you may want to take a trip to your local nursery. Then start doing the groundwork.

3. Furnish and decorate the fairy dream

Now it’s time to bring the fairy garden to life by filling it with all things pretty. Our felt ball garlands make a charming decoration to hang off small plants in the fairy garden or to surround its border (plus they can be easily used in other games and decorating). And our felt river stones are a soft and safe alternative to real stones – they won’t hurt or break anything if they’re thrown! Choose a few pieces of furniture from a doll house or other play set already in your home. Then bring our divine felt collection fairies in to enjoy their spectacular new garden.

The imaginative play that continues in the fairy garden will be a memory your little girl cherishes forever. And your delightful fairy garden will live on for continuous play, while the furnishings and decorations can be moved back indoors at the end of the day and used in many more games to come.

What are some of your favourite memories of playing outdoors as a child?

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