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Is "I like you" more important than "I love you" on Planet Parent?

I Like You

The other day, someone told me that the best advantage you can give kids is the ability to build good relationships with other people. They learn this from watching the relationships in their world.

What does a good relationship look like when you are parents?

Its probably a bit different to what it looked like before the kids arrived. Like, an interplanetary timewarp, different. Same people, different planet. Whole new meaning for the word good.

Pre-kids, we measured our relationship success so differently. Gifts, beautiful meals, the occasional romantic getaway. There was lots of physical affection, winks, nudges, eye contact and fascinating, far-roaming conversations. Wed gaze at each other in the candlelight and congratulate ourselves on how connected we were. Passionately in love, deeply in lust, we had gigantic doozie fights, with door slamming and name calling. And we were proud of the fact that we never walked away from an argument without resolving it. Ah, lurve.

These days I think love has smoodged over to make room for something pretty important. Like. Those two together are what I call a successful relationship when you are parents. I love you, and dammit, I choose remember why I like you, too.

Remember when you were at school and someone nudged you and said he likes you!and being likedseemed like the highest form of devotion possible? We denigrate the word liketo a much lower than lovestatus. But liking your partner, even when you are sleep deprived, your boobs hurt, you disagree on dummies, and you are certain that they really dont get it, whatever itis that day.actually liking them on Planet Parent can be pretty tricky. The increase in relationship break ups is testament to just how tricky it is.

It matters that you like your partner, because your kids are a product of your relationship. If you dont like your partner, the message to your kids is that you dont actually like half of what makes them who they are. It matters that you like your partner because it is easier to parent as a team than as two people who arent even friends. It matters, because when you like someone, you are kinder to them. Kindness in human relationships is exactly what kids need to see. The future of our world literally does depend on it. If there is something they are doing or not doing that you dont like, remember that it is a behaviour, not who they are. And tell them about it! Most of us havent got a clue what pushes each others buttons. Talk about it before it erodes you.

The kicker about this love+like combo, is that somehow, finding a way to have both in your heart for your fellow parent matters, even if you arent together. I have taught so many children whose hearts are broken because their parents marriage is broken. It happens; often it needed to. But not to the kids! They watch with eyes, ears and self esteem wide open as the two people who made them rip each other to shreds. They suffer your battles on a much more personal level than you do, because they are biologically attached to both sides. There is no escaping who they are. But it really sucks if you are hearing your parents point out the worst of both halves of you, ad nauseum.

Find the character strengths and positive personality traits your child inherited from your co-parent. Focus on those things when you are discussing them in front of your child. The rest of it can wait for another time when the intended audience is the only one hearing you. I am not a big celebrity fan, but I read this quote from an love-embattled star recently Were parenting, and working out if there is still a relationship to salvage. I think it is awesome that the parenting comes first.

What does a good relationship look like when you are parents?

You know those scenes in war movies, where everyone is leaving the smoky battle field? Theyre battered and worn out, maybe an eyeball or limb is missing, they are smeared with grime, matted and messy? They slap each other on the back and say something wry and witty. Satisfied glances are exchanged and the grins are contagious. Theyve won. They did it. Together, somehow and against all odds. That is what a good relationship looks like when you are parents. Its a look between two battlers. Its congratulations after a day hard fought and won. Its celebrating the beauty youve created by acknowledging the good bits in each other, in front of the kids you made together. A good relationship between parents creates good self esteem in kids. And it is a much friendlier way to take the journey of life. Together, with someone you like.

I want my kids to be ambitious about love and find someone to be with that they actually like! Someone whose company and conversation brings them comfort and calm. The very best way I can show them how to find that, is by finding it with my man, every day. If they see the way good friends can resolve conflict without hurting each other and shoulder burdens without dropping the bundle; well I think there is a good chance they will know what a good relationship looks and feels like long before they have to choose one for themselves.

Blog written by Rachel Cox.  Mum of 2, wife of 1, writer, blogger, educator, all-round-awesome-gal.  To read more of Rachel's musings head to ... with a chronic illness, it's an insightful and moving place to get lost in. 

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