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rainbow spot balloon ball

You can kick it, throw it, catch it, bat it, swim with it, roll on it ... and you can even bounce it!

Rainbows and Clover balloon balls are the PERFECT travelling toy! Small enough to fold up inside your handbag, backpack or baby bag, all you need is one balloon, one Rainbows and Clover balloon ball cover, and you've got hours of endless play.
In a hotel, staying with family, at the park, the beach, in a swimming pool - there are endless possibilities with a balloon ball.

Balloon Balls are a cleverly designed fabric cover that you pop a balloon into, blow up and tie off, resulting in a reusable, travel-friendly, lightweight, bouncy ball! Brilliant for toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn to catch, throw and kick, as balloon balls are slower moving and lighter than a regular ball, but are still super bouncy and fun! They're also great for big kids and grown ups - indoor soccer, pool fun, beach fun, anywhere you'd like to use a ball. When playtime is finished simply deflate the balloon, fold up the fabric cover, ready for next time and pop in a drawer, your glove box or handbag. Winning!

Ideal for;

  • Kids living in an apartment or small space, or for kicking around on the patio or balcony.
  • kids who are frightened of balloons popping in their face - no problem with the balloon ball!
  • Travelling? Limit the number of toys you need to take away with you
  • Indoor play on a rainy day
  • ... and if the cover gets grubby - just throw it in the washing machine!

They're a new design of an age-old toy, and have been re-developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist, so there are so many more reasons for having a collection of balloon balls in your house - gross motor skills, kicking, batting, throwing, bouncing (yes, who would've thought you could BOUNCE a balloon!)

  • Play with it over and over again... the perfect gift for the kid who has everything - you can be sure they wouldn't have a balloon ball (or 2 or 3 or 4!)


Ensure you blow the balloon up inside the cover until you think you can get no more air in - and then blow a bit more!
The tighter the balloon is blown, the better it will bounce and the longer it will last.

We've found that helium balloons work best, as they ensure the balloon ball stays inflated far longer than a regular balloon.
Each balloon ball comes with one balloon to get you started.
Machine washable in cold water, line drip dry.


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