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nic-nac miniwrap change wallet & change mat blueberry spot

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The perfect up-and-go combo for all your baby changing needs on the go!

The miniwrap (nappy change wallet) is simple & easy to use, with a 2-way strap which ensures that changing bub on the run is hassle free.

Either wear it over your wrist, pop it in your handbag, or hang it off the pram. Its compact design makes it a perfect alternative to a bulky nappy bag, when all you need are a few things to see you through your outing. Use it in conjunction with a carry-all, or just leave it in the car or hanging off the pram or bicycle handlebars ... whichever way, a nic-nac miniwrap will make outings super easy!

miniwrap features;

  •  Unique wipes compartment for easy access
  •  Holds 2-3 Large disposable or 2 cloth nappy or 2x trainer pants
  •  Adjustable 2-way strap. Loop over pram, or change the strap positioning to pop it in your handbag or carry-all
  •  3 internal pockets for cream/ointment, eco bags, dummy, anti-bacterial hand gel etc.
  •  Can suit any age while your child is in nappies.
  •  Great for travel and doubles as a wash bag for mum too!

Once your nappy changing days are over, use it to carry and protect your ipad - yup, it's a popular ipad cover/carrier!

The miniwrap measures 27cm long x 15cm wide x 5cm deep

Changing your baby's nappy just got a little bit more stylish!

Unlike the conventional sized mats, the nic-nac change mat is oversized for complete coverage, and can be used as a kick mat or play mat also. Oh, and when you're all done with baby changing, you can use it as a mat for sitting on damp ground, in a park, at the beach, wherever you don't want your pants getting grubby!

At a whopping great 65cm x 45cm, and with a BPA-free plastic layer, the nic-nac baby change mat is so versatile.

The change mat comprises three layers - denim on the bottom (for durability and convenience - put it down ANYWHERE!), the 100% cotton inner lining for pure funkiness, and then the waterproof top layer that provides the protective barrier, so piddle or poo can be easily wiped off.

The change mat can be popped in the washing machine and line dried for freshness, and the easy fold-up design ensures convenient carrying and storage inside your miniwrap.

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