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Our giving impact :: How we do our bit to make things better in the world

The B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) idea is simple and yet totally amazing.

Every time you buy one of our products, we pay it forward through B1G1.
The Rainbows and Clover team select B1G1 projects to support, and by shopping with us, you make magic happen.
We are currently supporting five projects around the world, including Vietnam, India, Nepal and Malawi.

Why we give

At Rainbows and Clover we want to give a helping hand to those in need. There are literally millions of people out there who need it - and a small input from us will make a huge difference to them - for example just $0.01 provides a Kenyan child a daily dose of vitamin A to prevent against blindness. As an ethical manufacturer, we believe in a fair wage, a fair work environment and fair trade, BUT we wanted to go beyond simply supporting our work partners.

We now support women's and children's charities and initiatives in the countries where we manufacture - and beyond, after signing up to the incredible B1G1 shortly following a business seminar Kylie attended, presented by the inspiring B1G1 co-founder Paul Dunn in early 2018.

How we give

Rainbows and Clover is a certified member of B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1); a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world that's full of giving. 100% of all contributions made to B1G1 go directly to their projects - they've got ten year's experience of continuous innovation and development as a leading business-giving movement, with more than 100 million giving impacts achieved.

We currently make contributions to different projects within B1G1 through every sale that is made through our webstore. For every purchase that you make, we  give a contribution, on your behalf, to one of the projects in B1G1.


We chose this story for our felt products because we manufacture all of our felt products in Nepal, so it's a country close to our hearts. Specials needs is also an important area worldwide, and particularly in countries where extra love and support is needed. We are happy each time we see our giving impacts rising, as we give more days of education support to children. Thank YOU for being part of this!


We chose this story to be linked to our organic cotton products because we manufacture many of our cotton products in India, so again, it's also a country close to our hearts. Women supporting women is vital, and we thank YOU for being part of this and helping us to contribute to health awareness programs for disadvantaged women in India.



We chose this story for our baby bag collection (nic-nac nappywraps, miniwraps and carry-alls) because water is a necessity from birth, and here in Australia we have access to clean drinking water at the turn of a tap. Thank YOU for being part of this giving impact and giving clean water to a person in Malawi!

There are a couple of other projects which we give to as a monthly donation, rather than product-based giving;

  • In Vietnam, we are helping to break the poverty cycle through education.
  • In Nepal, we are giving school supplies to children.

We're proud of our results so far ... Thank YOU for being part of this too.

About B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1)

B1G1 is a global business giving initiative that makes it easy for business owners to give forward (sometimes known as giving back) and support different great causes from around the world through an online giving platform. Originally founded in Australia in 2007 by Masami Sato, B1G1 is now headquartered in Singapore to give businesses the power to change lives.
B1G1 now lists hundreds of giving projects from 30+ countries and works with more than 2,000 businesses from around the world. With B1G1, businesses can give back through every thing they do in business and create a world full of giving together.

Imagine if every time you bought or sold something, it made a difference.